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Colin loves JPOP

AAA is easily the best JPop group around. It's like this; think of a hit song by any solo superstar. In that song I'm sure that there are moments that are great, and then moments that are essentially filler where the song sort of drags on. Now imagine that instead of 7 superstars each releasing their own song with their own high and low points, they combined their skills into one brilliant song where each of them can shine as bright as possible each for one seventh of the song. The end result would be an energetic, engaging, brilliant song with high impact at every moment.

That, is AAA.

The coming together of 7 brilliant talents to make one amazing song after another that is filled with extreme moments of talent from start to finish.

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I Love Aaa!♥♥♥

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aaa music!

I Love Aaa!♥♥♥

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